Department managerBartošová Jitka, doc. Ing., Ph.D.
Parent departmentDeputy Director of Research


We are engaged in the research of the basic and applied biology of behaviour of farm animals but also other species kept in extensive conditions or in zoos or, as the case may be, feral animals.

We research various aspects of their behaviour which may have an impact on breeding and welfare, namely: social behaviour and relationships, parental (maternal) behaviour and rearing and weaning of litter, intra-species communication and communication with humans, emotions and cognitive abilities of animals.

Our research also focuses on the impact of animal management and stable environment on the behaviour, physiology, welfare, reproduction and productivity and, in specific species, on the working and social use (cervids, horses, dogs, companion animals).


The goal is to support the development of economically viable and ethically acceptable husbandry of pigs and cattle in the Czech Republic and EU.

We focus on the influence of housing and social factors on the behaviour, welfare, health and production of cattle and pigs. The research covers a wide range of topics, combining various approaches from theoretical studies (e.g. social interaction modelling) to experimental research on maternal behaviour, agonistic behaviour, play behaviour, communication between animals and ontogenesis of behaviour.

We also investigate practical issues, such as a comparison of various types of housing and management in intensive and alternative farming of cattle and pigs or the development of new methods for the evaluation of animal welfare on farms.

Special attention is paid to the stage of rearing with an emphasis on health, mortality, welfare, stress resistance and the development of production and behavioural capabilities of piglets and calves.

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