Elimination of risk factors for dairy cow health and reproduction using systems of automatic measurement and collection of data

Project no. QK1910242
Category PROJEKTY NAZV / National Agency for Agricultural Research PROJECTS
ProviderMZE ČR

The main objective of the project is to apply complex data obtained automatically from milking parlours and other technical equipment (sensors) used in dairy herds to reduce the incidence of health disorders and to improve the reproduction efficiency of animals. Based on these data, early indicators of negative energy balance, physical exhaustion and stress of dairy cows will be determined. In addition, systematic herd management procedures will be proposed with the objective to reduce the usage of pharmaceuticals, improve animal welfare and to increase reproduction and economic efficiency. The profitability of milk production will be evaluated in cooperating dairy herds and the economic impact of the proposed procedures will be analysed on the basis of model calculations.

Period2019 - 2023
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