Family-type pig rearing with insemination of lactating sows

Project no. 17/005/1611a/563/000105
Category Program rozvoje venkova Ministerstva zemědělství
ProviderMZE ČR

The aim of the innovation project is to enhance effectiveness of insemination system and increase reproduction parameters under the conditions of organic pig husbandry. The method of group insemination of lactating sows, which is suitable for organic and alternative pig herds, has its origin at the Swiss FIBL Institute and has been practised in the Biofarma Sasov organic herd for than 10 years. Biofarma Sasov is the only farm in Czechia where this method of inseminating sows during lactation has been implemented on a commercial scale.
The goal of the collaboration is to evaluate the existing farm data sets statistically with the aim of finding the most effective way of running this husbandry system while making maximal use of the farm resources. Recommendations resulting from the project will be implemented on the farm, thus securing an optimal utilization of this method under the specific conditions of organic pig husbandry.

Period2019 - 2020
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