Transfer of good practices within vocational trainings in scientific institutions of agricultural sector

Project no. 2017-1- PL01-KA202- 038808
ProviderEuropean Union Erasmus+

The main objective of the project is to improve the qualifications of workers and strengthen international cooperation by creating a network for exchanging experiences and good practices in education (transfer of knowledge from science to practice) in the agricultural sector.
This task will be carried out by transferring know-how in the field of educational activities, with the example of good practice, which will improve the knowledge, skills and competences of those responsible for organizing and implementing educational services in the agricultural sector. The project is addressed to the administrative staff, researchers, scientists and supervisors responsible for the creation and implementation of vocational training for farmers, breeders and agricultural advisors. The beneficiaries of the project are those responsible for creating training policies, curricula, raising funds, trainings realisation and searching for new training methods. As a result of the project, beneficiaries will strengthen their qualifications and enrich their international cooperation within the established network through institutional and personal contacts.

Period2017 - 2019
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