Prices of milk and selected subsidies to prices in Germany

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich, KRPÁLKOVÁ, Lenka and SYRŮČEK, Jan. Prices of milk and selected subsidies to prices in Germany. Náš chov, 2017, vol. 77(4), p. 32-34. ISSN .
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Despite the apparently definitive end of the milk crisis is the issue of production and milk prices paid in most EU countries remain considerable attention. The reason is a real danger that the crisis will repeat. The largest volume of annual milk production in the EU was in Germany therefore, in this paper, in addition to the prices of the Czech Republic in several German provinces. Despite a similar natural and production conditions favorable milk yield and comparable milk quality, prices in the Czech Republic is lower than in Austria and Germany. For 2015 and 2016, the average price in the Czech Republic (CZK 6.93 per kg) lower than in the EU-15 by CZK 1.22 and 15.0% in the EU-13 by CZK 0.17 and 2.4% Austria CZK 1.83 and 20.9% and in Germany by CZK 0.75 and 9.8%. In Bavaria, in the years 2014-2016 price of organic milk, more or less stagnated, while conventional milk prices were markedly decreased. When setting the price of the milk are taken into account dairies traditional indicators (fat and protein content, somatic cell count, etc.) and certain quality indicators (for organic milk, lactose content, etc.). Additional charges are sometimes the volume of deliveries, etc. Surcharges and deductions allow dairies to stimulate the quality of milk delivered, reduce costs and respond to some of the demands of consumers.