Breeding of suckler cows over the winter

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich. Breeding of suckler cows over the winter. Náš chov, 2018, vol. 78(7), p. 38-41. ISSN .
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The system of suckler cow breeding applied in most breeds during the summer season, which is the whole day staying animals on the pasture, is divided into two systems in the winter. The first is staying and feeding in the stable, second staying outdoors (in the pasture, in the winery) also in the winter months. Yearlong grazing is increasingly used in practice in suckler cow. In the Czech Republic, however, it is a more common option for cows to be housed in a limited, dilapidated and simply equipped area. The economic benefit of year-long grazing is mainly a savings in building costs (stables) and winter grazing, which is significantly lower in feed costs and a clear saving of labor costs. In most cases, the transition to the year-round outdoor housing was cost-effective measure. At the same time, it is necessary to point out the risks associated with this change. Therefore, a possible change of the system, respectively transition to outdoor breeding, to thoroughly assess, consider and consult with the breeders who already use this method.