Evaluation of foam disinfection effectiveness of teats before milking

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel, JIROUTOVÁ, Pavlína, KNÍŽEK, Josef, KOŘÍNKOVÁ, K., POLCR, S., PROCHÁZKA, David a RYTÍŘ, M., 2016 Evaluation of foam disinfection effectiveness of teats before milking. In Přívorovy dny. Praha: Sdružení pracovníků dezinfekce, dezinsekce, deratizac e ČR, s. 49-57. ISSN
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The paper work is focused on comparing the effectiveness of foam teats disinfection before milking and its effect on the quality of cow’s milk in three farms with different levels of cow hygiene scores of body surface. Monitoring took place with thirty dairy cows from three farms during month. Teats were treated with identical disinfectant which was applied using foaming teat dipping. The individual swabs were monitored microbial surface contamination of the teats before and after disinfection. It was determined by total bacteria counts and coliform bacteria. At the same time were investigated selected quality indicators in individual milk samples of every observed cows (total bacteria count, coliform bacteria, somatic cells count).