Calculating economic indicators for fattening bulls

VÝZKUMNÝ ÚSTAV ŽIVOČIŠNÉ VÝROBY, v.v.i. V UHŘÍNĚVSI. Calculating economic indicators for fattening bulls. Authors: KVAPILÍK, Jindřich and SYRŮČEK, Jan.. Česká republika. Certifikovaná metodika 978-80-7403-202-8. 2018-12-06.
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Achieving profit is one of the main goals of fattening bulls as well as all other types and ways of doing business not only in the agrarian sector. Therefore, it is understandable to try to maximize it. The fact that this main goal is not achieved on average over the long term is evidenced by the indicative economic indicators as well as by the significant drop in the slaughter of slaughter bulls and beef production in the Czech Republic. The methodology proposed by the methods consists mainly in specifying and concretizing in practice feasible measures to increase economic benefits. These are in particular the increase in weight gains and slaughter weight, reduction of the costs of rearing calves and initial price of bull entering fattening, the extension of the fattening period and other. Calculated benefits based on results and indicators found over a five-year period in bull fattening operations and are usable to assess the achievements of fattening farms in the same category of cattle, to propose measures to improve production and economic results in breeds and to plan rebuilding and new stables for fattening cattle.