Has the Thermal Insulation Importance for Cows Breeding ?

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela a POLCR, Stanislav., 2016 Has the Thermal Insulation Importance for Cows Breeding ?. In Vnútorná klíma polnohospodárskych objektov 2016. Nitra: Slovenská spoiločnosť pre techniku prostredia, s. 21-27. ISSN 978-80-89216-95-6
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The study is focused on analysis of selected characteristics of the different materials used in the dairy cattle barn construction. In the freezing climatic period the thermal insulation of stable prevents the heat loss from the building, while in hot summer climatic period insulation prevents the penetration of heat into the objects mainly through the roof structure. For stable without thermal insulation of the roof, the temperature in the hot summer on the inner surface of the roof is over 50 ° C, while the insulated roofing temperature of the inner side roof surface is only a few degrees higher than the temperature of the stable air.