Monitoring of dairy cattle diseases in the Czech Republic

ŠLOSÁRKOVÁ, Soňa, PECHOVÁ, A, FLEISCHER, Petr and STANĚK, Stanislav, Monitoring of dairy cattle diseases in the Czech Republic. Veterinářství, 2016, vol. 66(11), p. 859-866. ISSN 0506-8231.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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Standardized local and/or even nationwide recording and presentation of the diseases of the dairy cattle has been already implemented in some of the countries with developed animal husbandry. However, in the Czech Republic the herd health monitoring has not been introduced yet. The research project NAZV QJ1510217 (2015-2018) is concerned with implementation of the standardized system of recording of the dairy cattle diseases and application of medication in the Czech Republic. This article aims to introduce the preparation and main features of the newly established web interface for the recording of the dairy cattle diseases and clinically identifiable diseases of the economic importance (which will be pursued as a priority) to the veterinary public. The proposed web interface is as a new module – ‚Journal of Diseases‘ incorporated into the ‚Internet for Breeders‘ project, which is run by the Czech-Moravian Breeders, Inc.; the journal should contain not only the cattle disease and surgery recordings, but also applied medication data including complete and regularly updated database of veterinary medication registered for the cattle in the CR. A complex list of diagnoses and surgeries, which represents a significant part of the project, was based on the guidelines and standards for the recording and presentation of the cattle diseases that have been embraced in abroad so far (e.g. ICAR Central Health Key).