What should not be forgotten when projecting

STANĚK, Stanislav. What should not be forgotten when projecting. Náš chov, 2016, vol. 76(Příloha), p. 14. ISSN .
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There are several principles, that should be not forgotten when the construction documentation for the new stall or for reconstruction of some older one is being prepared. The floors in walking alleys in stalls and outside have to be long-lived and resistant to chemical and physical influences (urine, excrements, feed and other). Furthermore, the floors have to be easily cleanable and provided with their protection (steel protective elements in the floor). Floors afford confidence motion for a cow, falls and hoof horn destruction should be eliminated. It is appropriate to allow cows to walk a solid floor (concrete) and soft surfaces, too (outside yards or mattresses in walking alleys between the stall and parlor, etc.)