Milk production in the Czech Republic in 2016

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich, SYRŮČEK, Jan and BURDYCH, Jiří. Milk production in the Czech Republic in 2016. Náš chov, 2017, vol. 77(8), p. 25-29. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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Based on survey of 103 dairy farms in 2016 the following average production indicators were determined: milk yield 8508 I, fat and protein contents 3.95 and 3.47 %, respectively, somatic cell count 209 thousand per 1 ml, 101 calves reared per 100 cows, and culling rate 35.4 %. The variability shown in most indicators and their interrelations imply the possibility of further improving milk production results.