Production diseases of dairy cows and economic losses

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich., 2018 Production diseases of dairy cows and economic losses. In Management produkčního zdraví v chovech skotu a malých přežvýkavců. Brno: VFU, s. 66-69. ISSN
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The breeding of dairy cows is the most important branch of animal production in the Czech Republic and the EU. One of the main conditions of economically successful milk production is the good health of dairy cows. In the Czech Republic, between 2005 and 2017, total health of the total herd replacement was approximately 82-85%. Each production disease of dairy cows generates economic losses. Direct losses are the costs associated with treatment, the decrease in sales due to lower milk yield, higher costs due to the extension of the breeding, the culling of cows and other. Indirect losses (subsequent) represent the theoretical reduction in profit that could be achieved without the disease. Economic losses caused by unsatisfactory fertility are due to reduced sales of milk, reduce number of calves and higher number of inseminations. The loss of prolongation in the calving interval can be estimated at 70, 80 and 95 CZK per day for a longer calving interval. After fertility disorders, mastitis is the second most common cause of culling. The average loss for one clinical mastitis can be estimated at 9,090 CZK.