Profitability of breeding suckler cows in Czech Republic

SYRŮČEK, Jan. Profitability of breeding suckler cows in Czech Republic. . Zpravodaj Českého svazu chovatelů masného skotu, 2016, vol. 23(4), p. 32-33. ISSN .
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Cattle breeding is one of the Czech Republic as well as in most EU countries, the most important sector of livestock production. This is confirmed by the populations of cattle and the production and consumption of milk and beef. In the Czech Republic, despite declining beef production and longer-term decline in its consumption per capita, the breeding beef cattle in recent years greatly expanded. In a group of farms in the years 2013-2015 on average bred 108, 126 and 124 cows per farm and per worker accounted for 26, 35 and 40 cows. The total cost of breeding suckler cows for 2013 amounted to 29.5 thousand CZK per cow per year, were higher for the year 2014 (30.2 thousand CZK) and the highest value reached in 2015, when it rose by CZK 325 per cow per year to the level of 30.5 thousand CZK. Revenues were highest in the group of farms in 2015, which corresponds to the highest number of weaned calves from 100 cows this year. Excluding subsidies based of breeding losses in all years (profitability -43 to -46%), which speaks of the need for state support to this sector. Taking into account the subsidies were achieved in each year of positive profit (profitability +2.1 to +8.7%).