Yearbook - cattle breeding in the Czech Republic

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich, BUCEK, Pavel and KUČERA, Josef. Yearbook - cattle breeding in the Czech Republic. Praha: Českomoravská společnost chovatelů, a.s. a další, 2018, p. ISBN
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In 2017, the profit of Czech agriculture reached 21.3 billion CZK, which is of 1.2 CZK billion and 5.4% less than the profit achieved in 2016. On agricultural production at current prices of 133 CZK billion, 55.4% was engaged in crop production and 38.7% in livestock production. In 2017 year-on-year plant production fell by 6.1% and livestock production increased by 13.0%. Subsidies in the amount of approximately 32.5 CZK billion in 2017 (annual increase of 6.1%) were 11.2 CZK billion and 52.5% higher than the same year’s profit. With output of 25.7 CZK billion and a share of 50% for livestock production and 19% for agricultural production, the main livestock sector is milk. The Yearbook informs the reader of the results of cattle breeding in the Czech Republic in 2017, taking into account the past years. The results and indicators of cattle in the Czech Republic in 2017, can point out the positive and less satisfying reality. Positive factors include: conscientious and responsible work of the cowman, year-on-year increase in milk yield, increase in the number of suckler cows, good quality raw milk, etc. Among the less favorable indicators can be included a slight decline in domestic milk consumption, a low proportion of dairy cows with grazing, difficulties in obtaining workers, variability of milk purchase prices, and other.