Fair Swiss Tier in Lucerne

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich. Fair Swiss Tier in Lucerne. Náš chov, 2018, vol. 78(5), p. 17-20. ISSN .
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The issue of the agricultural sector with an emphasis on livestock breeding was dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the three-day „Swiss Tier“, which took place in late November 2017 in Lucerne. This major Swiss exhibition is at the same time a national competence center for livestock production, a source of information on progress and trends in agriculture and a platform for the exchange of views between primary producers and representatives of professional organizations, service workers, research and scientists, designers, suppliers and buyers and other institutions, and an effective form of presentation of agriculture and the food industry as well as for the non-agricultural part of the Swiss population. The main objective of exhibition was to familiarize the participants with the issue called „Smart Farming“ in agriculture. Within the „forum“ of cattle breeding were presented 9, milk production 20, breeding of small ruminants 11, breeding poultry 9 and pig breeding 12 lectures. D. Bechmann, director of Nutri’Form SA, talked about the chances and profitability of milk production with the help of the „smart“ system. On automated milking focused in his lecture prof. M. Schick from the Strichhof counseling and education center. The topic of the performance of H. Rüegsegger from UFA AG was the „smart“ fattening of cattle.