Zoonoses or different views on one problem

NOVÁK, Pavel, TREML, F., MALÁ, Gabriela, GALKOVÁ, Z. a PŘIKRYL, I., 2016 Zoonoses or different views on one problem. In Přívorovy dny. Praha: Sdružení pracovníků dezinfekce, dezinsekce, deratizac e ČR, s. 67-75. ISSN
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After 1989 until today there is a large increase in the volume of agricultural raw materials and foods of animal and vegetable origin, which are the subject of international trade in exports, but also import only from EU countries, but also outside. With that, of course, is also connected to the increased movement of people and animals. All of the above mentioned also brings a range of possibilities, and roads spread of diseases, pests and other hazards that may thus be transmitted much faster than before. At the forefront of the professional interests of the public are therefore also in the Czech Republic gets the need for health protection of both human and animal populations. An important role in this area will play zoonoses – infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans. Currently there are more than 250 diseases that are naturally transmissible from vertebrate to humans. From a human perspective pose a health risk, especially for all those who come into contact with animals not only in the workplace (workers in livestock production, nurses, veterinarians, trainers, dog-handlers etc.), but also in the free time (the livestock keepers in companion animals, etc.).