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Research projects

Project name: Year:
Funding subject: Project leader:

B/CZ0046/4/0004 Alternative housing systems for farrowing sows - know-how exchange, publication writing and new project preparation 2011-2011
FP7-KBBE-2010-4 N°265686 Animal WelfAre Research in an enlarged Europe 2011-2014
GP523/08/P301 Behavioural function of pre-orbital gland opening in red and fallow deer 2008-2010
QI111A166 Biotechnological processes in reproduction and pig breeding as a tool of the economic growth and competitive advantage 2011-2014
QI101A166 Biotechnology in pig husbandry and breeding 2010-2014
QJ1510139 Nation-wide information system of genetic evaluation of farm animals 2015-2018
SANCO 2012/10293 Coordinated European Animal Welfare Network (EUWelNet) 2013-2013
QI91A238 Efficient approaches in dairy herd management 2009-2013
QI111A199 Efficient system in sheep breeding parasitosis prevention 2011-2014
QJ1510191 Economic models for herd management evaluation and optimalization 2015-2018
B/CZ0046/3/0017 Exchange of know-how between two institutes - Institute of Animal Science in Prague and Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Aas 2010-2010
7AMB13PLO28 Expression of candidate genes involved in the development of bovine muscle and adipose tissue 2013-2014
QI91A240 Factors influencing nutritive value of corn hybrids and corn ensilages 2009-2013
QH81228 Genetic factors affecting fatty acid composition in beef 2008-2012
QH81312 Genetic evaluation of cattle reproduction and growth 2008-2012
QI111A167 Genomic selection of dairy cattle 2011-2014
GA523/08/0808 Hormonal base of the relationship between social activity and antler growth III 2008-2011
GA523/07/0673 Hydrolysis of phytic acid in the digestive tract of laying hens 2007-2009
QJ1310002 Identification and solution of selected problems in hens nutrition and egg quality from contrast housing 2013-2017
P503/11/2479 Inhibition of intestinal absorption of sterols by hydrophobically modified polysaccharides 2011-2013

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