Přednáška prof. Daniel Gianoly


prof. Daniel Gianola

Sewal Wright Professor of Genetics, Statistics and Animal Breeding, University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA,



Prof. Daniel Gianola's work on the development of Bayesian methodology has been recognized via several doctorates, international awards and membership in academies of agricultural sciences."


Evaluation of complex traits and genome-wide associations".

The talk deals with prediction of complex traits using molecular markers as in genomic selection. The talk discussed methodology for finding association between traits or diseases and genomic regions. The public of interest could be plant, animal and human geneticists, as well as statisticians.

The meeting also allows exchange of experience among specialists of different fields interested in genomic analyses.

Lecture will be in:

Institute of Animal Science, Praha 10 – Uhříněves, Přítelství 815

on Monday, June 15th 2015 at 9:30.


Contact person:

Prof. Josef Přibyl


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