Awards by the Minister of Agriculture

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, the Prize for Extraordinary Achievements in Research and Development in the year 2019 was awarded to Zuzana Hroncová, Ph.D., Michaela Brzáková, M.Sc. and Jindřich Kvapilík, D.Sc.  from the Institute of Animal Science Uhříněves.

 Awards for Young Researchers by the Minister of Agriculture: The first place in the Peer-Reviewed Article category went to Zuzana Hroncová, Ph.D. for "In-hive variation of the gut microbial composition of honey bee larvae and pupae from the same oviposition time" and the third place to Michaela Brzáková, M.Sc. for "Genetic parameters of longevity for improving profitability of beef cattle".

Jindrich Kvapilik, Dr.Sc. was awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and by the Chairman of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the tool “Calculation of economic indicators of bull fattening” in the Certified Method category. The methodology is based on specific practical measures to increase profitability in bull fattening, particularly through increased weight gain and slaughter weight and reduced cost of calf rearing.




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