We wish you a beautiful Easter, the spring festival

The Easter is a time of folk customs to welcome the spring. Nowhere else do Easter eggs have such a strong tradition as in the Czech Republic. Lenka Volková works at the Animal Science Institute in Uhříněves, Prague, and for more than 14 years she has been devoting her free time to decorating Easter eggs in a traditional way. Along with the other members of the Easter Egg Painters Association she strives to pursue the Easter egg tradition, which has a long and rich history in the Czech Republic.

Lenka used the technique of beeswax egg decoration first. Later on the straw egg decoration became her favorite technique, for which she was awarded the title of Master of Folk Art by ethnographers.

Lenka´s Easter eggs can be seen at various exhibitions. For the Easter Egg Painters´ Association she created a collection of eighteen bloody red eggs decorated with straw, each with a different pattern. These eggs and her other works as well as creations by her colleagues are frequently exhibited at differenemt places in the Czech Republic before the Easter. For the rest of the year, the eggs are displayed at the Easter Egg Gallery in Libotenice in Northern Bohemia.

This year Lenka has created a new collection of straw decorated eggs called the Stations of the Cross.


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