Science in the Fields and Stables or The Story of Food

The popular educational trail „Science in the Fields and Stables – The Story of Food“ takes place once a year, always in June. The eleventh edition of the „Story of Food“, which is organised annually by the Institute of Animal Science, along with the company Selgen and University of Life Sciences in Prague, was a success again this year.

The educational trail was conceived as a two-day event. On Friday 9 June it was held at the farm in Netluky and fields of the University of Life Sciences and on Saturday 10 June 2023 at 22 sites in Netluky.

The Friday programme was reserved for primary school pupils, whereas the Saturday programme was open to the general public, especially families with children.

On Friday, the trail was attended by 406 pupils accompanied by 40 teachers from primary schools in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. The children put their knowledge to the test at the end of the Nature Trail.








The Saturday educational trail for the general public with a traditional learning and knowledge competition was visited by a total of almost 2440 participants.












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