EU-LI-PHE annual meeting in Bologna with the participation of Institute of Animal Science representatives

On 11 and 12 June 2024, the annual meeting of COST EU-LI-PHE took place at the University of Bologna, Italy. Ludmila Zavadilová, M.S., CSc. and Emil Krupa, M.S., PhD. as representatives of the Institute of Animal Science in the steering committee of the event.

During the meeting, a multidisciplinary community of experts discussed how to use livestock phenotyping to improve sustainability and competitiveness of the European livestock sector. As the success of animal breeding depends on the reliability of estimating the genotype of animals and its expression in interaction with the specific environment, phenotyping is increasingly seen as an opportunity to fill the gaps between genomics and phenomics and consequently refine the whole breeding process.  Obtaining relevant phenotypes is also essential for the routine and daily management of livestock populations to optimise reproductive strategies, disease control and animal welfare. Through the working groups, EU-LI-PHE is open to all those interested in livestock breeding, both scientists and breeders. All information is on the website https:



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