Successful presentation of the Institute of Animal Science at the agricultural exhibition Země živitelka


In August 2021, the Institute of Animal Science presented itself very successfully at the largest, most visited and most important agricultural exhibition focusing on the agricultural sector across all its fields in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Země živitelka (Nourishing Land) in České Budějovice. The prototype “Mobile collecting, sorting, weighing and fixation facility for animals“ […]

The nomination of the Institute of Animal Science


The remote department of the Institute of Animal Science, located in Kostelec nad Orlicí, was nominated for the award Companies to Schools – Schools to Companies, which has been awarded since 2014. It is a thank you from the Hradec Králové Region municipality and the Regional Chamber of Commerce Hradec Králové to companies and secondary […]

Awards for non-fiction


The literary award Magnesia Litera 2021, category Litera for non-fiction, was won by Professor Jaroslav Petr, DrSc. for the book The Ten Senses. How Humans and Animals Perceive the World Around Them (published by Argo/Dokořán, Prague). In the book the author has depicted a number of anomalies, curiosities and incredible capabilities in animals, taking readers […]

Quantitative Genetics/Genomics postdoc position – in research animal breeding and genomics


The Institute of Animal Science is seeking the candidate for a Quantitative Genetics/Genomics postdoc position connected with dairy cattle research projects who would be willing to apply for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF).  The MSCA-PF grant supports an individual research stay (1-2 years) connected with international mobility (the project must take place in a country different from […]

We wish you a beautiful Easter, the spring festival


The Easter is a time of folk customs to welcome the spring. Nowhere else do Easter eggs have such a strong tradition as in the Czech Republic. Lenka Volková works at the Animal Science Institute in Uhříněves, Prague, and for more than 14 years she has been devoting her free time to decorating Easter eggs […]

Biologist Josef Fulka on the Czech TV show Good Morning


In the Czech TV show Good Morning broadcast on Monday, February 22, 2021, reproductive biologist Josef Fulka explained how the cloning works and how far the scientists have come since the first successful experiment. Josef Fulka, D.Sc. is a researcher at the Biology of Reproduction department of the Institute of Animal Science Prague-Uhříněves and is […]

A Year of Challenges and Changes


2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic and government imposed restrictions made it impossible to hold public events. Some planned events had to be cancelled, others took the form of webinars and videoconferences, some were postponed.