As part of a contract for the Ministry of Agriculture our workplace delivers tasks associated with the development and implementation of the SEUROP classification system for the evaluation of dressed carcasses of cattle and pigs. This activity involves:

  • Membership of IAS specialists in expert groups for the classification of carcasses of cattle and pigs and in the SEUROP Council at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.
  • Training courses for cattle and pig carcass classifiers.
  • Theoretical and practical education of classification inspectors.


IAS specialists took part in the activities of the SEUROP Council which acts as an advisory body of the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of cattle and pig carcass classification according to EU standards.

Our activities:

  • Basic training courses for cattle carcass graders
  • Basic training courses for pig carcass graders
  • Additional courses for cattle and pig carcass inspectors
  • Specialised seminars for practising inspectors
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