New approaches for the preservation of endangered livestock populations

Project no. QK1910156
Category PROJEKTY NAZV / National Agency for Agricultural Research PROJECTS
ProviderMZE ČR

Creating effective tools for selecting individuals into supported populations of genetic resources (GR)based on a combination of available genealogical information and molecular-genetic methods to increase efficiency of the National program for genetic resources to support implementation of the EU Common Agricultural Policy in the field of agro-biodiversity
Development of methodology for the selection of individuals for the cryoprogram
Description of optimal methodology for semen collection, cryopreseand its own insemination for selected animals’ species engaged into the genetic resource
Developing a new method of qualitative evaluation of sperm
Practical testing of the new procedure of interspecific ICSI and verification of its utilization

Period2019 - 2023
Databse link (CZ)

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