The impact of piglets´ behaviour and vocalization on the maternal behaviour of the sow with consequences on piglet mortality

Project no. IAA603070801
Category PROJEKTY GA AV ČR / Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences PROJECTS
ProviderAV ČR

Our project will concentrate on the clarification of the influence of piglets’ behaviour and their vocalization on the maternal behaviour during the first 3 days after birth where the highest mortality occurs. When a piglet gets trapped it starts screaming immediately. The aims are: 1. To clarify the influence of weight and health status of piglets on the vocalization during trapping and the strength of the sow’s reaction on defined call characteristic. Playback experiments and call analysis will be done. 2. To analyze the carefulness and flexibility of sows during lying down behaviour and to clarify the influence of activity during the nest building phase before birth on the carefulness of lying down behaviour after birth. The behaviour will be analyzed from video tapes. 3. To clarify whether screams during fights at the udder initiate posture changes which can cause crushing and/ or lower weight gain trough nursing termination. Playback experiments and call analysis are planed.

Period2008 - 2010
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