Utilization of genetic and non-genetic factors for increasing of performance of dairy cattle in Czech Republic

Project no. QH91270
Category PROJEKTY NAZV / National Agency for Agricultural Research PROJECTS
ProviderMZE ČR

The main reason of the setback of reproduction traits and longevity in high production dairy cows is a negative energy balance (NEB) due to an exponential growth of milk production after parturition. The aim of this project is to analyze relationships between genotype, volume of metabolic stress of cows (NEB) and performance of Czech Fleckvieh and Holstein cattle in the Czech Republic. The survey of QTL and its relationship to metabolism stress tolerance in cows of these breeds will be made the first time in the Czech Republic. The enlargement of knowledge in the relationships between changes of energy balance (EB), production and functional traits of cows beside of identification QTL at dairy herds will lead to improve herd management and selection for longevity of animals in the Czech Republic. Solving of the submitted project will lead to improve an efficiency and profitability of dairy herd management.

Period2009 - 2011
Databse link (CZ)QH91270

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