QK1810253 Improvement of national-wide genomic evaluation of dairy cattle by including cows with domestic production records into genotyped reference population 2018 - 2022
17-08605S Nuclear and cytoplasmic determinants involved in the regulation of mammalian oocyte maturation and embryo development 2017 - 2019
QK1720349 Nanoparticles zinc as an alternative to antibiotics in pigs 2017 - 2019
16/003/1611a/563/000074 Separation of leaves and stems of leguminous plant 2017 - 2019
2017-1- PL01-KA202- 038808 Transfer of good practices within vocational trainings in scientific institutions of agricultural sector 2017 - 2019
SOUNDWEL Toward a tool for farmers to evaluate welfare states of pigs: measuring vocal indicators of emotions 2017 - 2019
CA15215 Innovative approaches in pork production with entire males 2016 - 2020
7AMB16PL009 The assessment of fatty acid profile and oxidation stability in pork of autochthonous pig breeds 2016 - 2017
QJ1610390 Development of housing systems for sows respecting welfare and economy 2016 - 2018
QJ1610489 Occurence of genetic factors for infection resistance in selected breeds of dairy cattle 2016 - 2018
QJ1510139 Nation-wide information system of genetic evaluation of farm animals 2015 - 2018
QJ1510191 Economic models for herd management evaluation and optimalization 2015 - 2018
QJ1510138 Innovations of reproductive biotechnology in domestic animals 2015 - 2018
QJ1510219 Complex colostrum management and its improving as a natural tool for support of calf health, contagion control and reduction of need for antibiotics 2015 - 2018
QJ1510217 Proposal and use of a national system about cattle diseases and its utilisation in herd management, breeding and for rational usage of antrimicrobials 2015 - 2018
QJ1510391 Reduce of risks associated with nutrition of cattle with high performace 2015 - 2018
QJ1510136 The optimalization of protein nutrition of monogastric animals on basis of seeds of varietes of white lupin (Lupinus albus) 2015 - 2018
QJ1510192 Solution of problems of selected factors of growth in relationship to meat quality in chickens, turkeys, rabbits and nutrias 2015 - 2018
QJ1530058 Creating a system for evaluation of biosecurity, welfare and health of farm animals for the production of health friendly foodstaffs of animal origin 2015 - 2018
QJ1510038 Application of plant extracts as bio-antiparasitic agents in farm animals 2015 - 2018
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