African swine fever or windmills fighting?

NOVÁK, Pavel a MALÁ, Gabriela., 2018 African swine fever or windmills fighting?. In Sborník XII. Konference DDD 2018 - Přívorovy dny. Praha: Sdružení pracovníků dezinfekce, dezinsekce, deratizace ČR, z.s., s. 146-151. ISSN
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Effective biosecurity management practices have to prevent the penetration of African swine fever virus on farm and its spread among the pigs on the farms. Disease prevention of livestock is one of the prerequisites for ensuring the good health and performance of stabled animals and achieving the economic profitability of the stock. The prevention of African swine fever is based on a consistent avoidance of contact with infected animals and their body fluids, as well as faeces, contaminated feed, vehicles and other contaminated items: clothing, footwear, equipment, or persons. The presented work is focused on the analysis of the routes of transmission of the African swine fever virus to pig farms, including the proposal of the preventive biological safety principles.