Longevity, angularity and body condition score for Holstein cows

ZAVADILOVÁ, L., NĚMCOVÁ, E. & ŠTÍPKOVÁ, M. Dlouhověkost, hranatost a kondice holštýnských jalovic. Náš chov, 2012, roč. 72, č. 1, s. 20-21.{INTLINK}
ZAVADILOVÁ, Ludmila, NĚMCOVÁ, Eva and ŠTÍPKOVÁ, Miloslava. Longevity, angularity and body condition score for Holstein cows. Náš chov, 2012, vol. 72(1), p. 20-21. ISSN .
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Relationships between angularity, body condition score, functional and real longevity were analysed using survival analysis. Data set consisted of 116 369 Holstein cows. Body condition score showed higher effect on longevity than angularity. Angular cows tended to have poorer longevity, while less angular cows seemed to be favored with respect to survival. For functional longevity, survival declined with reduced BCS. For real longevity, the optimum RRC occurred at scores 5 and 6. When BCS and angularity were considered together in the model, angularity showed no significant effect on functional longevity.