Achieved knowledge of research project AFarCloud

KOUKOLOVÁ, Veronika, JANČÍK, Filip, VÝBORNÁ, Alena, KUMPRECHTOVÁ, Dana, KUBELKOVÁ, Petra, HOMOLKA, Petr a PŘENOSILOVÁ, Věra., 2020 Achieved knowledge of research project AFarCloud. In Uspořádání workshopu. on line MS Teams, Praha Uhříněves: Výzkumný ústasv živočišné výroby v.v.i., s. . ISSN
CathegoryConference or workshop organization
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The Institute of Animal Science (IAS, Praha Uhříněves) in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia (UWB, Plzeň) organized online workshop on the 25th of November 2020. The topic of the project was Achieved knowledge of research project AFarCloud (the international project Agregate Farming in the Cloud ECSEL Project 783221 and MSMT 8A18005). The workshop concerned the issue of experimental work in the field of specification of sensors contributing to the continuous measurement of rumen content parameters in dairy cows with the possibility of connection with other electronic systems (chewing sensors and pedometers) in cattle breeding for comprehensive animal condition evaluation. The Department of Animal Nutrition and Feeding of the IAS and the Department of Cybernetics of the UWB participate on the experimental development of new technological solutions. Lecturers Ing. Veronika Koukolova, Ph.D. (Department of Animal Nutrition and Feeding, IAS) and Ing. Roman Čečil, Ph.D. (Department of Cybernetics, UWB) presented the achieved results within the solved three-year international project, followed by a rich discussion of other participants.