Economic context of breeding suckler cows in the Czech Republic

SYRŮČEK, Jan and BARTOŇ, Luděk. Economic context of breeding suckler cows in the Czech Republic. Zpravodaj Českého svazu chovatelů masného skotu, 2018, vol. 25(3), p. 45-49. ISSN .
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Breeding suckler cows is an important area of the Czech agrarian sector. This is confirmed by the steadily growing numbers of this category. Since the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU in 2004, the number of suckler cows increased to 2018 by 86 thousand and 63%. In 2017, the number of suckler cows in the Czech Republic accounted for 1.7% of the total cows of this category in the EU-28, where was 12.3 million in 2017. In order to maintain and further extend the breeding, it is essential that the economic outcome is an adequate level of profitability. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the development of production and economic indicators in the Czech Republic between 2013 and 2017 on the basis of its own cost survey. The results show that the average total cost of the set of farm in 2017 amounted to 32.8 thousand CZK per one cow, i.e. 89.9 CZK per feed day, which was the most of the years surveyed. The average costs in the years 2013 to 2017 was CZK 30.8 per cow per year, i.e. 84.4 CZK per feed day. Without the subsidies was loss in all years (profitability -42 to -46%). In adding subsidies (direct payments and Rural Development Programmes payments), there with considerable variability between farms was a profits in each year (profitability + 2.1% to +8.7%).