Economic importance of rabbit traits in broiler farms

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, VOLEK, Zdeněk, KRUPA, Emil and WOLFOVÁ, Marie. Economic importance of rabbit traits in broiler farms. Náš chov, 2021, vol. 81(3), p. 37-39. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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The aim of the study was to calculate the influence of basic production traits on the economic efficiency of commercial rabbitry in the Czech Republic. Study is divided into two articles. In the second article, we focus on the calculation of economic importance (El) for the basic production traits: growth, reproduction, health (survivability), carcass quality and feed efficiency. El was expressed as the change in profit while improving the level of a given trait by one unit per doe and per year. For the local rabbitry, the direct economic benefit from the traits improvement was as follows: 215 CZK/live born rabbit per litter, 29.2 CZK/% of survived rabbits until weaning, 0.51 CZK/kg of litter weight at weaning, 30.8 CZK/g of average daily gain of live weight in fattening period, 212 CZK when extending the production lifetime of doe by one litter and 787 CZK when improving the feed conversion. Usually, the traits EV are specific to a given production and economic conditions and a given production system. Higher similarity of El of traits in the local rabbitry with values calculated for foreign populations is probably based on the higher versatility of breeding systems and lower effect of local conditions than in other livestock species.