Economy of milk production in the Czech Republic

SYRŮČEK, Jan and BARTOŇ, Luděk. Economy of milk production in the Czech Republic. Zemědělec, 2019, vol. 27(28), p. 34. ISSN .
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Milk production is one of the important areas of the Czech agrarian sector. Its economic efficiency, which is influenced by a number of internal and external factors, is necessary in the long term to maintain the breeding and ensure future self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic in milk production. For the year 2018, data from 113 dairy farms from various regions of the Czech Republic were obtained for calculations. Data from 60,794 dairy cows were evaluated, which represents approximately 17% of the Czech population. In the group of farms, the total cost of breeding one cow averaged 76,475 CZK. With an average annual market milk production of 8,483 liters per cow, the cost per liter of milk was 9.02 CZK. The deduction of born calves and the manure has reduced the annual cost by 5%. With an average milk purchase price of 8.65 CZK per liter, the economic result for 2018 was a profit 0.09 CZK per liter of milk without subsidies. Including subsidies, profits will increase to 0.91 CZK per liter of milk. Based on the results of our own cost surveys, it can be stated that during the last nine years the cost of cow and year has increased by 13,250 CZK (+ 21%).