Genetic Evaluation of Beff Cattle in the Czech Republic

SVITÁKOVÁ, Alena, BRZÁKOVÁ, Michaela a VESELÁ, Zdeňka., 2018 Genetic Evaluation of Beff Cattle in the Czech Republic. In XXVIIIth Genetic Days 2018. České Budějovice: University of South Bohemia, s. 68. ISSN
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Meat production has a unique role in the breeding of beef cattle breeds. For the evaluation of meat yield, several types of information may be used, including data from performance test stations, progeny tests (station or field) and field tests of population. Field tests give numerous but less reliable data then other types. The multi-trait method is common practice for evaluation of growth. New genetic parameters for field test of beef cattle were estimated. Calving ease, birth weight, weight at 120, 210 and 365 days of age were chosen as evaluated traits.