Goat Yoghurt Drinks with Elevated Α-Linolenic Acid Content and Enriched With Yacon Fiber

BORKOVÁ, Markéta, ŠULC, Miloslav, SVITÁKOVÁ, Alena, NOVOTNÁ, Klára, SMOLOVÁ, Jana, PEROUTKOVÁ, Jitka and ELICH, Ondřej. Goat Yoghurt Drinks with Elevated Α-Linolenic Acid Content and Enriched With Yacon Fiber. Potravinarstvo Slovak Journal of Food Sciences, 2019, 13, 150-156. ISSN 1337-0960.
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Goat milk and goat milk products are very valuable in human nutrition because of their favorable nutrient composition which can be further boosted by the addition of prebiotic fiber and probiotic bacteria. It has also been possible to change the fatty acid profile of goat milk through feed composition. The aim of this study was to increase the nutritional value of goat milk by producing a probiotic yoghurt drink made from milk with elevated omega-3 fatty acids and enriched with natural yacon prebiotics. Goat nutrition is one of the key factors how we can naturally increase omega-3 fatty acid content in goat milk. In our study, twenty four White Shorthair goats were divided into the control and experimental group which was supplemented with 55 mL of linseed oil per day for eight weeks to increase the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid content in the milk. The yoghurt milk drinks were formulated from individual goat milk samples with added bifidobacteria and yacon prebiotics. Our results showed that goat feed supplementation with linseed oil indeed positively changed fatty acid profile of goat milk in which α-linolenic acid content increased while, at the same time, lauric, myristic and palmitic acid contents decreased. Also, yoghurt drinks enriched with yacon prebiotics have shown higher bifidobacteria counts compared to the control.