Gallus gallusf. domestica

SKŘIVANOVÁ, Eva and ČERMÁK, Ladislav. Gallus gallusf. domestica. Praha Uhříněves: Výzkumný ústav živočišné výroby, v.v.i., 2017, 32 p. ISBN
No. of pages32
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Outdoor access stands for an important part of organic and free-range poultry production, yet limited information exists on the effect of various housing and production systems on growth performance and colonization of food-borne pathogens. Therefore, the primary purpose of the current study was to evaluate the influence of different housing systems (particularly fixed versus small, portable houses, with and without outdoor access to pasture) and usage of different genotypes of broilers and laying hens. The fundamental factor which was focused was a presence and quantitative changes in common gastrointestinal microbiota including pathogenic genera like Campylobacter sp. and Salmonella sp. The study comprised three pasturing experiments. The results showed differences in intestinal microbiota: Experiments I and II confirmed lowering counts of coliforms in pasture-reared broilers in caecum, experiment III proved a significant increase of beneficial lactic acid bacteria in laying hens’ ileum with free access to pasture.