Index of health traits and program IZdraK

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana a KRUPA, Emil., 2019 Index of health traits and program IZdraK. In Genomika a šlechtění na zdravotní znaky u dojeného skotu. Praha Uhříněves: Výzkumný ústav živočišné výroby, v.v.i., s. . ISSN
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The selection index of the Holstein cows with regard to animal health was evaluated. Selection for health improvement is currently only done indirectly. It is based on the correlation of health traits with current breeding goals and selection criteria (SCS, longevity, and linear evaluation of foot and udder). The presence of functional traits suppresses the increase in disease incidence nevertheless without its significant elimination. Direct selection for animal health (e.g. through clinical mastitis and hoof disease) is much more effective. Based on the first genetic parameters of the health traits established for the localdairy cattle population the cows´ health index was costructed. In addition to the health improvement, the inclusion of health traits also was of positive effect on fertility and longevity although these traits are currently not considered in the selection of cows.