It is possible to keep the principles of biosecurity also in sheep breeding?

MALÁ, Gabriela and NOVÁK, Pavel. It is possible to keep the principles of biosecurity also in sheep breeding?. Náš chov, 2020, vol. 80(1), p. 63-66. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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Biosecurity represents a management strategy designed to prevent the introduction of pathogens into a sheep herd (external biosecurity) and spreading them on the farm (internal biosecurity) with the aim of preventing animal health or product quality risks. The work is focused on the analysis of the possibilities of implementation preventive measures of biosecurity processed in 41 sheep breeding with different sizes of the basic herd of ewes (small 50 ewes). The degree of veterinary hygiene protection of the breed depends on the concentration of sheeps, the disease situation at the site, as well as the level of immunity of animals. Based on the evaluation of obtained data it can be stated that farms with a higher concentration of ewes are able to creat better conditions for the application of the principles of biosecurity. Although breeders of small and medium herds of sheep are unable to realize more than 50% of the required biosecurity indicators, on the other hand, they can provide ani ndividual care to all animals.