The meat quality of Dominant chickens reared on pasture

VÝZKUMNÝ ÚSTAV ŽIVOČIŠNÉ VÝROBY, v.v.i. V UHŘÍNĚVSI. The meat quality of Dominant chickens reared on pasture. Authors: ENGLMAIEROVÁ, Michaela, SKŘIVAN, Miloš and SKŘIVANOVÁ, Věra.. Česká republika. Certifikovaná metodika 978-80-7403-203-5. 2018-11-30.
CathegoryMethodologies and software
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The methodology is focused on fattening of chickens on the pasture. Hybrids with lower growth rate are used for this type of fattening. A suitable alternative could be the egg-type cockerels. So far, there is little information available on performance, dressing percentage and meat quality indicators of such chickens. Therefore, the methodology brings new information about the performance and meat quality of the cockerels of the laying hybrid combination Dominant, which are kept in mobile boxes on pasture vegetation and extends knowledge in the field of this variant of fattening.