Venison and its role in human nutrition

BUREŠ, Daniel, BARTOŇ, Luděk, KUDRNÁČOVÁ, Eva, PANOVSKÁ, Zdeňka and KOUŘIMSKÁ, Lenka. Venison and its role in human nutrition. Výživa a potraviny, 2018, vol. 73(1), p. 9-13. ISSN 1211-846X.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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The present study aims to describe the current situation in venison production and consumption in the Czech Republic. The differences in meat composition and quality between venison from wild and from farmed animals are also mentioned. Two-hundred and three Czech consumers participated in the study and completed a questionnaire in 2017. From the results it is evident, that wild boar is the most popular kind of venison followed by roe deer, hare and red deer. The results also show a higher frequency of venison consumption in men compared to women.