The precondition for success is mastered nutrition

LOUČKA, R. Podmínkou úspěchu je zvládnutá výživa. Zemědělec, 2013, roč. 2013, č. 32, s. 12-14.{INTLINK}
LOUČKA, Radko. The precondition for success is mastered nutrition. Zemědělec, 2013, vol. 2013(32), p. 12-14. ISSN .
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Not only the well set-up feed ration, but also the quality of the silage is often a crucial factor in achieving the desired performance of dairy cows with the high genetic potential for milk yield. The nutrient intake in sufficient quantity (supplemented by other substances necessary for life and production) in a balanced ratio, stable in a long-term, in the required high quality and appropriate to the needs of dairy cows for the given performance and state of reproduction, are the fundamental and the decisive preconditions for good health and welfare of animals. Together with an appropriate feeding regime and a suitable environment for breeding, fulfillment of these preconditions must cause a positive impact in the use of animal genetic potential for milk production. The presented contribution should provide a guidance on how to increase the production efficiency of silage. The key to success is the knowledge of the fermentation process and of the management of how to ensure the quality fermentation process.