Principles of Animal Health and Management in Zoological Gardens

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela, ŚOCH, Miloslav and PŘIKRYL, Ivan. Principles of Animal Health and Management in Zoological Gardens. Prague: Institute of Animal Science and University of South Bohemia, 2017, 286 p. ISBN 978-80-7403-175-5
CathegoryMonographs, brochures, book chapters
No. of pages286
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The publication allows users to form a basic idea of management specificities of zoo animals (technology systems of housing, feeding, handling, transport, sanitation, disease prevention etc.) including the legislation related to zoo activities. The role of breeder/keeper consists in trying to create conditions that would allow natural animal behavior and fulfilling the natural needs of animals (physiological, protective and behavioral needs). Furthermore, the publication provides information on hygiene and management technology for most animals in zoos in the Czech Republic.