Reproduction index of dam pig breeds

VÝZKUMNÝ ÚSTAV ŽIVOČIŠNÉ VÝROBY, v.v.i. V UHŘÍNĚVSI. Reproduction index of dam pig breeds. Authors: KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, KRUPA, Emil, ŽÁKOVÁ, Eliška and PŘIBYL, Josef.. Česká republika. Certifikovaná metodika 978-80-7403-166-3. 2017-08-22.
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The aim of the methodology was to construct a partial selection index (reproindex, RI) focused on reproductive traits of the pig population included in the National breeding program CZEPIG. Genetic parameters and economic importance of reproductive traits and predicted selection response for RI were calculated. Calculation was carried out separately for the Czech Large White and Czech Landrace breed and for the whole population of dam pig breeds. Number of piglets born alive and length of farrowing interval were defined as breeding goals aimed to improve reproduction. Selection criteria gradually included in RI were: number of piglets born alive, length of the farrowing interval, total number of piglets born and number of piglets weaned. For the construction of RI and computation of the expected selection response, the weight coefficients of the traits were determined directly and the general principles of the selection index theory were applied. Selection index was determined based on matrix program in SAS environment. Weighting coefficients of traits in the RI were calculated to achieve the maximum selective response in the traits of the breeding objective and taking into account the breeders‘ preferences. Inclusion all of reproduction traits in RI had positive impact on increase in the traits selection response and on the index reliability. Selection response in all variants of RI calculated for individual breeds and for overall population was similar and therefore a common RI can be applied. Evaluated RI gained the desired selection response and can be implicated in the routine genetic evaluation of the pig population.