Kit for diagnosing bovine MYD88 gene variants

VÝZKUMNÝ ÚSTAV ŽIVOČIŠNÉ VÝROBY, v.v.i. V UHŘÍNĚVSI. Kit for diagnosing bovine MYD88 gene variants. Authors: NOVÁK, Karel and VALČÍKOVÁ, Terezie. Česká republika. Užitný vzor CZ 32890 U1. 2019-05-28.
CathegoryUtility patent, prototype, legal regulation, tecchnolgy
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The technical solution covers the procedure for the laboratory determination of the structural variants in gene MYD88 of cattle. Gene MYD88 codes for the myeloid differentiation factor 88 (MyD88), a key component of the innate immunity system. It acts at the beginning of the Toll signalling pathway from the group of Toll-like receptors. That is why some naturally occurring variants of the MYD88 gene can affect the efficiency of pathogen recognition and the kinetics of immune response. In frame of the utility model, the structural constraints on the PCR amplification of this gene have been overcome, the reaction design has been realized and the optimization of groups (multiplexes) in which the reactions are carried out by 5 – 7 in parallel has been carried out in order to reduce labouriousness and costs. The design of the reaction set is based on the general method of primer extension, which uses the first step of the enzymatic synthesis of the complementary DNA strand. The solution also included the found representation of individual gene variants in the central European population of dairy cattle, namely, in the Simmental-type breed Czech Red Pied. The set thus provides the possibility to determine most of the variants of gene MYD88 present in the given population in individual animals, using a minimum number of separate reaction volumes. The set of reactions also includes polymorphisms with diagnostic value for the prediction of additional polymorphisms in the groups based on genetic linkage, the so-called haplotypes.