Dairy cattle breeding on mastitis resistence

ZAVADILOVÁ, Ludmila and KAŠNÁ, Eva. Dairy cattle breeding on mastitis resistence. Náš chov, Praktická příručka, 2017, vol. 77(6), p. 41-42. ISSN .
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This paper deals with the possibility of reducing the incidence of mastitis in dairy cows using breeding procedures. Mastitis is an inflammatory disease of the mammary gland caused by a variety of pathogens and affecting the dairy cow udder or its individual quarters with varying degrees of severity but in any case with many severe health effects on dairy cows. Clinical mastitis heritability is around 10%. While environmental adaptations have a significant impact on reducing clinical mastitis morbidity but are limited in time and space, breeding will result in a change in the genotype of animals, which is passed on to the next generation. This approach depends on the collection of clinical mastitis disease data in order to estimate breeding values for clinical mastitis resistance and to select the most suitable animals as the parents of next generation.