Specifisc of costs in pig farming

KRUPOVÁ, Z., KRUPA, E. & ŽÁKOVÁ, E. Specifika nákladovosti chovu prasat. Náš chov, 2015, roč. 75, č. 7, s. 40.{INTLINK}
KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, KRUPA, Emil and ŽÁKOVÁ, Eliška. Specifisc of costs in pig farming. Náš chov, 2015, vol. 75(7), p. 40. ISSN .
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Cost parameters of pig, compared to the other livestock (dairy cattle and sheep), are strongly influenced by the situation on the market of plant commodities (especially prices of grain feed). On the other hand, a lover need of human labor in the intensive production process of pigs finalizing is a benefit for pig sector. In spite of the fact, that production indicators of domestic swine herds achieved recently are slightly lower than the EU average, positive development in some parameters was recorded there in recent years. The trend indicates that the level of pig breeding have been improved both in terms of farming conditions, and also in use of animals with higher genetic predisposition.