The evaluation on different technological systems for calf housing

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel, KNÍŽEK, Josef and JIROUTOVÁ, Pavlína. The evaluation on different technological systems for calf housing. In Bienestar animal en la practica, en producciones lecheras, desde la perspectiva europea. the Netherlands: F.J.C.M. van Eerdenburg, 2018, s. 122-124. ISBN .
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The aim of our study was assessment the impact of different types of calf housing on their performance, health and welfare. The four types of individual pens located on a one farm were observed during 5 years period. Three types of individual hutches were placed outside, those were made of various materials: wood, polyethylene, tarpaulin; one type of individual pens was situated under the shelter. We monitored average daily gain and health of calves during the experiment. The obtained values were analysed by Statistica software package, StatSoft. The calves housed in the individual pens under the shelter reached a significantly lower.