The influence of welfare on calf health

MALÁ, Gabriela and NOVÁK, Pavel. The influence of welfare on calf health. Veterinářství, 2018, vol. 68(11), p. 797-803. ISSN 0506-8231.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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The aim of paper is to analyse the influence of welfare on calf health during milk nutrition period and establishing simple screening indicators for calf health. In determination the influence of welfare on the health of calves we resulted from the basis of Czech and foreign literary sources (PubMed). We also assessed selected health indicators, which were detected on one farm over the nine years times. There were monitored 1290 calves reared in 15 outdoor hutches and 40 individual pens under shelter during the milk nutrition period. The calves health has a direct impact on their welfare and performance, as well as their future production and longevity. The following basic health indicators were observed on the farm: calf appearance, eye and nasal discharge, faecal consistency and their colour and odour, respiratory rate, heart rate and rectal temperature including their severity.